I’m Lauren Seibert, the one in the kitchen and behind the scenes here at The Simple List. I started The Simple List as a place to compile all of my recipes, inspiration, thoughts, and wants regarding food, beauty, health and wellness. In doing so, I hope to learn about what it really means to lead a conscious, intentional, and healthy lifestyle with a simple list of the simplest things.

Mostly you’ll find many of my favorite dishes, which *usually* consist of the simplest, clean, plant-based ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, keeping it simple entails keeping it balanced. So you’ll find plenty of recipes to fit whatever you’re craving at the moment.

I’m not sure if it’s my love of food that drives my cooking, or my love of cooking that drives my love of food. But either way, I’ve found I’m happiest in the kitchen, playing and creating. 

I just moved to Dallas with my husband, Dylan, who is thrilled at the opportunity to taste-test even more recipes. For him, food just has to taste good. So, if it made it on The Simple List, it’s likely a meal that is sure to be husband/kid/picky-eater-approved.


Thank you for being along for this journey!